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Best of Kpop June 2019

· Monthly Best

5. Honey – Lay (EXO)

Lay is such a versatile singer, rapper, producer and dancer. With his latest hit ‘Honey’, he delves into the world of hip hop, and boy does he suit it! This song is fun, sexy and catchy, and his dance moves are pure fire.

4. Snapping – Chung Ha

Snapping is luxurious, sexy and catchy – a total bop. Chung Ha is one of Kpop’s finest soloists, and her comebacks never disappoint! I especially loved the dance, and her performances are totally top class.

3. Pink Magic – Yesung (Super Junior)

Kpop’s favourite vocalist is back with the perfect lively summer bop. Pink Magic is bold and sassy, and this trendy combination of jazz and electro pop is guaranteed to get you on your feet!

2. Birthday – Somi

“Imma shake it shake it shake it like it was my birthday!” Kpop’s princess made her long awaited debut, and it was an instant hit! Somi is already such a talented performer, and I can tell that her future will be bright!

1. Zimzalabim – Red Velvet

This song is out of this world – it is completely enchanting and crazily addictive. Red Velvet really pushed the boat out with this one, and have claimed their rightful crowns as the Queens of Kpop. This song will have you chanting Zimzalabim in your sleep.

Written by Jessica