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Bibi ‘The Manual For People Who Want to Love’ Album Review

· B

Bibi’s first album features a stark bad-girl makeover after her more attractive ‘Binu’ which sends a clear message: she’s not to be messed with.

Even the meaning of her title song, Nabi is ‘Don’t call me a butterfly’. The song certainly is so chilled it’s practically frozen. The catchy chorus speaks unusually of ‘taking a little more’ and ‘giving a little less’ and the beat is smooth and melodious, made even more sweet by her certainly unusual voice for a singer. Her raps are of course rhythmic and she creates a feeling of cool relaxation with her effortless swag.

The next song up is Give more care less. Name sound familiar? Strangely, this quite different song has a meaning that is almost an English translation of the title song (not that it’s even all in English). It is similarly a relaxed and quirky R&B track, though, full of nice song-rap sections and her weird yet pleasing voice. This song isn’t nearly as catchy as the title however.

The next song, Pretty Ting is completely different to the first two. She mixes her soft vocals with hyped rhythms and classic hip-hop lyrics. She talks about being not ‘pretty’ and though this may seem like a tired concept, she approaches it with a hip-hop style that is pretty refreshing. Her rap in this song is by far the best, and Sungmin really brings the song to the next level with his completely different, high powered rap.

Finally, we have Fedexx Girl. Again calm and sexy, she teases about arriving at your door to be ‘unboxed’. Though the tunes of the verses of this song are really nice, the chorus gets pretty repetitive by the end. Changmo delivers a witty and melodious rap, but as they’re both sing-rapping the song can get a bit samey.

Bibi has shown amazing potential with her first album, featuring some really nice sections and really personality-filled raps that is perfect for chilled out studying or relaxing, but she needs to show a little more versatility to reach the next level I know she will.

Kpop Review Café’s Overall Ranking: 5/10

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Written by Krystal