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SuperM 'The 1st Mini Album' Review

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Super M: A unit of the most popular members of most of SM’s boygroups. Though it’s hardly inclusive, you can’t deny it will go down in history.

Jopping is exactly what I expected and more. It’s as epic as Tempo, as chilling as Odd Eye, and as energising as Regular. It twists rock and dance music together the same way it twists together the drastically different rap styles in the song. That sounds nearly impossible to achieve, but somehow, with that flawless flair reserved for SM, a fantastic song is born. The fact that the song is mostly in English creates a whole new vibe, and somehow makes the few Korean words so much more powerful. Each rapper has such a unique flow, you get this dizzying mix of diverse voices. The most stunning part is the pre-chorus: building slowly and powerfully like a storm, letting you know something amazing is about to happen.

I Can’t Stand the Rain hooks you from the very start. Its wacky beat evokes early Super Junior, followed by a tuneful prechorus that weaves it into something undeniably modern. This intensely memorable song shows off the massive range that Super M’s idols can sing in, creating a buffet of different styles that doesn’t feel very B-side at all. When you hit the bridge, the unusual beat returns like an old friend, somehow flowing effortlessly despite the contrasting sounds in this song.

Whatever I was expecting from 2 Fast, it certainly wasn’t this. I like the reality much better. This dark and sexy song is the definition of trendy, with Baekhyun and Taemin crooning in that way that would send flutters to every heart. The versatility of this supergroup is shown in this fully vocal song, with even rappers taking on singing roles with ease. The club-music breakdown proves that SM are pushing out to uncharted waters – something fans will be delighted to hear.

Without a doubt, Super Car takes top spot for me. The energetic hip-hop beat fills the listener with excitement once more, and the ice-cold, mysterious feeling of the pre-chorus chills you in a way only they could achieve. I’d be surprised if you don’t feel like getting up to dance at this song. Kai’s breathy, unique rap is impossible to miss – perhaps a prediction of something incredible to come from EXO’s main dancer?

Are we in a vintage mafia film? At the intro of Manners, it’s hard to tell. The chorus creates an inexplicably solemn, mystical atmosphere that’s carried through the whole song. Taeyong’s rap in this song is something else – there’s no other way to put it.

This album might not be timeless, but it predicts a star-studded future for SM’s first supergroup.

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Kpop Review Café’s Album Ranking: 6.5/10

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Written by Krystal