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Best of Kpop September 2019

· Monthly Best

5. BOL4 – Workaholic

Bobbalgan4’s dreamy voices feature on a sassy, rhythmic track that says one word – autumn. This smooth song has a sleepy concept that definitely mirrors what we’re all feeling right now!


A song this heartbreaking brings back the comebacks of a decade ago at least. It begins so soft and soulfully you get goosebumps, and in the chorus they hit you with their signature rock-inspired sound. You’re missing out big time if you haven’t heard this one.

  1. SUPER JUNIOR – Somebody New

This is modern yet timeless, heartbroken yet upbeat. These experienced idols strike again fresh as ever with a song that’s simply spinechilling. For a track that’s cooler than the autumn wind, listen to this one.

  1. TWICE – Feel Special

Bright and feminine as always, Twice deliver another track with that electrifying touch of darkness that has flavoured all of their recent songs. From the georgeous beat to Jihyo’s stunning vocals, this will leave ONCEs satsfied for sure.

  1. CLC – Devil

This season, us ladies have no time to put up with any nonsense. CLC show off their dark sides in this addictive song with a tune that’s cheeky, fierce and grown up in the best way

Written by Krystal