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Sunmi 'LALALAY' Album Review

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LALALAY is great to dance to. Unfortunately, that might be the only thing it’s great for. The song’s chorus is catchy and upbeat, with a tune that’s definitely addicitive. Sunmi’s dark vocals are unique and instantly recognisable, adding a unique flavour that adds something special to the track.

However, Sunmi’s dry voice isn’t a great match for the rhythmic yet seemingly tuneless verses, and just when an enjoyable prechorus suggests the song is improving, we are left with a weak anticlimax as the chorus’s beat is no better than that of the rest of the song. The repetitiveness of the chorus could have been really effective, but instead it quickly turns sour as you realise it simply isn’t worth hearing that many times.

The song’s far from a failure, though. Sunmi’s undeniable charm comes through when she says, “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard”, and that part of the song is definitely a highlight.

The dance is great, with the hair-grabbing movement of course the most exciting part. The music video mixes floral vintage patterns with strikingly modern editing in what I assume was meant to be fresh and unexpected. For me, it comes off a little confused. The theme seemed good at first, but in reality doesn’t leave any lasting impression.

Sunmi’s acting concept aims for the unapologetic oddness of HyunA’s ‘Lip and Hip’ and Sulli’s ‘Goblin’, but just misses the mark. Sulli wore a look that showed she didn’t care if you thought she was beautiful, and HyunA showed that she didn’t have to repress her sexuality to be successful, but Sunmi didn’t really show anything new. It felt like she wasn’t willing to risk being trendy to be original. Still, it’s a beautiful MV to look at and not a bad song by any means. Perhaps I preferred past songs, but this is not disappointing on its own.

This comeback might have stayed safely in the average category, but it certainly hasn’t compromised my trust in this fantastic and experienced idol. I look forward to more anthems in the future.

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Kpop Review Café’s Album Ranking: 4/10

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Written by Krystal