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EXO – Five Essential Tracks

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EXO are one of the most well-rounded, exciting and versatile groups out there. From their soulful ballads to their fierce dance songs, they really have a song for every mood. All of their titles have shook the world, so it’s really just opinion that made me select these special tunes as their 5 Essential Songs.

5. Tempo

I can’t believe that a song this caramel-y and electrifying even exists in the earthly realm. It’s a perfect blend of fun rap, sweet a cappella and literal bedsqueaks! There are more layers than even the most dedicated EXO-L could ever uncover.

You’ll be hooked on the tempo of this song!

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4. Wolf

This is too groundbreakingly fantastical to even be considered a song along with all the others! This is a wild and uncontrollable whirlwind of powerful vocals mashed up with fierce and inspired rap that is literally so good you can’t believe that what you are hearing is even real!!

If you haven’t heard this iconic anthem, then who even are you?

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3. Lotto

Welcome to a world of swag, riches, and deliciously autotuned harmonies that is contained solely in this song. Even the video (that features Baekhyun in a cage and Suho atop a huge burning pile of money) perfectly embodies the raw yet luxurious feel of Lotto. We must highlight the unforgettable last-chorus-vocalisations ending in the iconic ‘question’ dance move at the end.

You don’t need no money, all you need is this song.

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2. Overdose

From the snappy and fierce verses to the electrifying, unique and perfect chorus, this number will truly change the way you live your life. Even though it’s futuristic and catchy, EXO still totally deliver with melodious vocals and an incredible beat. We must daily worship the popping noises and claps that make this song incredible. When you wake up in the morning, Kai’s ‘Someone call the doctor’ will be repeating in your head!

Someone call the doctor, cause this song is too good.

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1. Monster

There are no words to describe the unrepeatable formula for the perfect song that made this life-changing track. If you tried to list its attributes, from the iconic beat to the amazing rap, gorgeous harmonies and unique lyrics, you’d never be able to truly get everything. This is a song that gives forever.

It’s creeping in to your heart and there’s nothing you can do about it.

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