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TWICE - Five Essential Tracks

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TWICE are a national treasure. Whether you like them or not, you can’t deny their phenomenal success. They are beautiful and talented, and every title track of theirs hits the mark. Here are the five tracks I think are the best.

5. Heart Shaker (2017)

I guarantee that Heart Shaker is one of the sweetest songs you will ever hear. Like every Twice song, it is catchy and melodious. Chaeyoung’s “Girl you can do it!” gets me through the day, honestly. The “yeahs” in the ending chorus are so heart warming, and it’s practically impossible not dance along with them.

You’re lying if you say you don’t like cute girl group concepts.

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4. Knock Knock (2017)

What I really love about Knock Knock is that is it quite different from any other title track by TWICE. It is catchy and romantic, and surprisingly it makes me feel quite emotional. This song takes you on a musical journey, and I especially loved the ending.

If TWICE turned up at your door, don’t try and tell me you wouldn’t let them in.

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3. Cheer Up (2016)

Even if you don’t know TWICE, I’m sure you’ve heard of Cheer Up. It’s a Kpop icon – the “Prom Queen” of Kpop songs, if you will. The song itself is cheeky and playful, and the flow is just so perfect. And I haven’t even mentioned Sana’s legendary “Shy shy shy”!

TWICE is the cure for sadness #facts.

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2. Dance the Night Away (2018)

TWICE really upped their game with this song. Dance the Night Away captured the essence of summer 2018 for me. The funky trumpet in the chorus will be stuck in your head forever, but you won’t even mind.

Jihyo + tan + beach concept… Mind = blown

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1. Likey (2017)

As much as I love all TWICE title tracks, Likey just stood out about above all others for me. From the unforgettable dance moves, to the expensive production quality – everything about this song just screams success. Momo’s dance break was legendary, and so was the catchy rap and beat drop section that shocked everyone.

I will never get over this masterpiece!

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Written by Jessica