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G-DRAGON – Five Essential Tracks

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G-DRAGON is one of the most successful and revered artists in not only Korea, but the whole world. V.I.Ps and artists alike all idolise him and his music to no end. I was lucky enough to see G-DRAGON live in M.O.T.T.E, and honestly it was one of the best days of my life. Every song of his is gold… but here are the five I think are his most precious.

5. Heartbreaker (2009)

When it comes to G-DRAGON, you’ve got respect his roots. That means digging out his solo debut Heartbreaker. Everything about this song was fantastic, from the crazy music video to the iconic heavy autotune. Not to mention, it has one of the most exciting ending choruses I’ve ever heard… I didn’t know how to spell HEART until this song – thanks king.

Heartbreaker was revolutionary – THE ultimate old-school-pop party-all-night banger.

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4. Bullshit (2017)

Hearing Bullshit straight after Heartbreaker will make you realise just how far Kwon Ji Yong has come in the last few years. Bullshit was one of G-DRAGON’s finest masterpieces – he achieved that ultimate level of cool and swagger he’s always been aiming for. No matter what mood you’re in, when you listen to this song, I guarantee you will feel like you’re on top of the world.

This song is his ultimate F you anthem, and we are LIVING for it.

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3. Crayon (2012)

Crayon was ahead of its time. G-DRAGON himself said it was meant to challenge his listeners – and boy did it! This song was groundbreaking, and his skill as a rapper and composer really shone through. The very best thing about this song is that G-DRAGON seemed truly happy when he performed it. I urge you to watch one of his stage performances – they are mind blowing.

I’m about to tattoo GET YOUR CRAYON onto my chest #noragrets

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2. Coup d’état (2013)

G-DRAGON is a musical genus – there’s no other way to put it. Coup d’état is one of the most experimental songs I have ever heard in my entire life – it is dark, sexy and unforgettable. GD even teased his future hit Bullshit and his group’s legendary bop Bang Bang Bang on this track years before their release. GET ON HIS LEVEL.

His rap, his style, his swagger… everything is perfect.

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1. Crooked (2013)

It is no surprise that Crooked came in at number one… this song was both beautiful and painful in a way that G-DRAGON has never achieved before. When you hear this song you won’t know if you want to dance, cry or scream the lyrics at the top of your lungs… (Note: you’ll probably end up doing all three). Trust me when I say that after you hear this extraordinary punk rock ballad, your life will never be the same.

G-DRAGON is the king of all music, and this song is his crowning glory.

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