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Taeyeon 'Four Seasons' Album Review

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Taeyeon’s voice breaks my heart. Few can evoke so much emotion from their listeners – and for that reason, she will always be my favourite singer.

The first song in this single, Blue, is exactly the type of song I wanted to hear on this comeback. It is sincere, touching and full of pathos – as expected from our melancholy queen. The song begins with a simple piano melody, letting us focus on her raw and emotional voice. Every time Taeyeon comes back with new music I am shocked at how much she improves in maturity, expressiveness and skill. This time round, she experiments with singing in such a low-register that it is almost like talking. I loved this style as it really added to the texture of the song. The simplicity of the melody makes the song even more hard-hitting.

“You are my blue
As if it was always like this
You are my blue
Fills me with longing”

Four Seasons proves that Taeyeon really is the master of every genre she tries out. Each and every title track she has made is of a completely different style. It’s so good to see that she is exploring who she is as an artist, especially as she hits the mark every single time. Four Seasons is a jazzy and sophisticated ballad with a quirky melody. It feels like it could be the theme tune to a murder mystery TV show (think Sherlock Homes-style). I really loved her low vocals in this comeback – every time Taeyeon sings is a blessing. The lyrics of the song are beautifully poetic too.

“The four seasons come and go again
I gave you my winter and summer too
You, who were my world, I want to let you go
Did I even really love you?”

Overall, I really loved this comeback, though it would have been nice to have a few more songs. Personally, I would have preferred Blue to be the title track over Four seasons – this was was a great song, but not as poignant as I would have liked… Taeyeon’s voice was made to bring tears to her listener’s eyes!

Kpop Review Café’s Album Ranking: 7.5/10

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Written by Jessica