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Kpop Ultimate Feel Good Playlist - Girl Group Ver.

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5. Crush – Weki Meki (2018)


This song is adorable and bursting with energy. Crush represents everything that is good about new Kpop girl groups; the strong vocals and cute raps make this song impossible not to love. This song is incredibly catchy, and listening to it is sure to lift your mood.

4. Bingle Bangle – AOA (2018)

AOA are angels sent to this earth to bring joy to humans and that’s a #fact. With Bingle Bangle, they raised the bar sky high for Kpop bops. This was my song of the summer last year, and that sunny optimism returns to me every time I listen to this song.

3. Heart Shaker – Twice (2017)

You simply can’t talk about feel good songs without bringing up Twice – a shining ray of happiness in the world of Kpop. This song will ignite love in your heart and energise you to no end. In fact, it is the vocal equivalent of a warm and comfy hug. Twice never disappoint.

2. Gee – Girls’ Generation (2009)

Let’s be honest, Girls’ Generation is the nation’s girl group and Gee is their crowning glory. This song isn’t a legend for no reason – it is perfectly constructed and beautifully performed. It is guaranteed to fill your heart with joy and make you break out into song at any moment.

1. Power Up – Red Velvet (2018)

Red Velvet are the Kpop queens of summer, and this song can evoke that sunny feeling regardless of the weather outside. You don’t need a blanket when you have Power Up to warm you! Red Velvet never fail to amaze me with their absolutely stunning vocals, and this song’s choreography is bound to make you smile.

Written by Jessica